Align With Your Inner Sex Goddess

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Want to feel good about the type of sex you want?

Ready to UNDERSTAND how you act, react and interact with others?
RECOGNIZE your patterns and learn to connect your sexual dots.
DISCOVER how to use your words to receive what you desire.

You are in the place where your holistic sexuality meets your
sex positive vibesWhether you are monogamous, ethical non-monogamous, kinky, single, committed or married.

At ANY age, you can begin to receive and to give the type of sex that you want!



How to live the life of a sex goddess...without slutting around.

The focus is on quality of sex not quantity. Understanding the difference between being or recognizing a skilled lover and someone that is sexually experienced.

Align with your Inner Sex Goddess - The Course

Is for 50 Goddesses or aspiring Goddesses! It is for you if you identify as a womxn:

  • You love sex, but don't really enjoy it, or not like you used to.
  • Want to be more sexually free - with yourself, your partner(s)


  • Want a better understanding of how you act, interact and react sexually and interpersonally.
    • DISC Personality Assessment. This English Standard Adult version of the Discovery Report is a comprehensive personality assessment and report. Your 30-page report is highly accurate and easy-to-understand. The Discovery Report is based on the results of your online personality assessment that will take you only about 15-20 minutes to complete. It is packed full of helpful and practical information to help you to understand yourself and how to adapt to relate better to others. It is perfect for business or personal use. You will learn about your strengths, communication style, decision-making style and gain insights to improve your ability to relate with others.
  • Learn that feeling yourself has both mental and physical benefits.
    • Explore how masturbation can be utilized for stress relief, reduction in painful cramps, manifestation and more.
  • Discover how holistic intimate body products can increase your pleasure and satisfaction.
    • Review of the common chemicals within standard intimate body products and how they can effect your skin, genitals and/or sex life.
  • Release shame, judgement sexual stigmas and stereotypes.
    • Be it generational trauma, religion, family traditions or patriarchy or stereotypes left over from slavery.
  • Explore ways to focus on pleasure.
    • How many ways can you be pleased?  Let us count the ways!
  • Align your head, heart and your pussy.


  • Ask for everything
    • Learn to 'use your words' to get the satisfaction and fulfillment that you desire.
  • Give with gratitude
    • When you receive and are full, you can give gratefully and become part of an exchange of healing, love and intimacy.
  • Establish boundaries.
    • Learn how establishing your boundaries around what you want and don't want can lead to a more pleasurable relationship.


Align With Your Inner Sex Goddess - The Course sex-goddess-tshirt-1.png You will also receive your own Sex Goddess t-shirt! 

Align With Your Inner Sex Goddess - The Course

Pre-course work will be emailed to registered Goddesses

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