Bella Relax CBD Pre-Roll 250mg


Are you ready to unwind and destress? Bella Relax CBD Stix are the ideal solution for easing tension, relaxing your entire body, and helping you to unwind from the grind. For frequent consumers of the Bella Relax CBD Stix they swear by our proprietary strain that delivers instant and powerful relaxation for your entire body. Beloved by consumers for combating chronic pain and insomnia, Bella Relax CBD Stix is a luxurious, rich sensory experience thanks to its deep, earthy aroma and sweet, fruity flavor palette. Prepare to unwind with a terpene profile that is peppery, citrus, and herbal.

  • Minimum 25% Total Cannabinoids
  • Ultra Premium CBD Flower only and NO trim/shake
  • Preserved in air-tight tubes
  • 100% high-quality CBD hemp flower grown under the legal 2018 Farm Bill
  • Less than 0.3% delta9 THC
  • ISO Lab-tested for purity and compliance
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Bella Relax CBD Pre-Roll 250mg
Bella Relax CBD Pre-Roll 250mg
Bella Relax CBD Pre-Roll 250mg