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Blow Oral Lubricant

Blow unleashes the exaltation of a mind-blowing experience that brings us closer together.

It’s time to stimulate your oral experience, destigmatize blow jobs, and make them a beautiful act of love.

Kiss it, lick it, suck it and give you your full power. 
BLOW is an edible lubricant designed for oral and made from full flower CBD + CBG. We believe that whatever goes in or on your body gets absorbed into your bloodstream, so BLOW is USDA certified organic, full-spectrum, clean, oral lubricant. 

Awaken your senses with the full potency of the untouched magical flower. CBD and CBG, blended with organic virgin camellia and sunflower oil, let you chill and focus on achieving ultimate pleasure. 
Blow and let yourself go.

USDA Certified Organic Sunflower Oil, USDA Certified Organic Virgin Camellia Oil, USDA Certified Organic CBD Cannabinol Oil, USDA Certified Organic CBG Extract, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E).
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Weight 0.10 LBS
Height 3.00
Width 1.50
Depth 1.50
Sku BWD 1000
Blow Oral Lubricant
Blow Oral Lubricant
Blow Oral Lubricant
Blow Oral Lubricant
Blow Oral Lubricant