Intro. Dragontail


The intro Dragontail is designed to be a low-cost Dragontail. The leathers we use on an Intro Dragontail are leathers we can find at a reduced cost from our suppliers. This means that the colors may not be the most desirable colors and the colors we offer are very limited. Please do not request colors with ordering an Intro Dragontail. The significant difference between an Intro Dragontail and the other Dragontails is a less expensive handle.  All our other Dragontails  have a kangaroo leather wrapped handle and an Intro Dragontail has a poly propylene handle. This enables us to reduce the cost of manufacturing  tremendously. We’re passing the savings along to our customers to give you a less expensive Dragontail.

Warranty and care instructions:

To clean a quality leather toy.  Use a damp, not wet Clorox wipe.  (Make only 2-3 passes over the tip end on the flogger or whip. More will cause discolored and damage to the leather.)

To maintain your leather toys:

Fondle stroke and handle them often. Your body oil from your hands is all quality leather needs to keep it well maintained. Adding commercial oils or treatments can void the warranty. Too much oil added to leather can cause the tips to break off upon contact or otherwise damage the leather.

*****Color tone will vary

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Weight 2.00 LBS
Height 1.00
Width 40.00
Depth 1.00
Sku 2400
Intro. Dragontail
Intro. Dragontail