JockRing BOA "DEBUT" EDITIONS - Goldtone


Quench your thirst for a summer adventure with the ultimate glamour-conscious super-villain accessory. Complete your hottest summertime mission with the BOA Debut (bracelet and c-ring) and optional matching goldtone add-ons. BOA DEBUT in GOLDTONE is the pièce de résistance of the glamour-conscious Bondesque Super-villain. A unique piece of equipment designed in the Esculpta Atelier that converts from a totally inconspicuous bracelet to an iconic super-weapon ubertool for spies when you have lost your cover and the plot.. is about to thicken. The BOA DEBUT provides all you need plus more, to step up your super-villain arsenal of weaponry and performance to your pleasure, and measure with its comfort in wearing, size adjustability (from bracelet to penis ring) and easy frontal snap-on-clasp feature.

We've been inspired by the 'second' private life of a jewel.

Jockring BOA is a single answer multiple complex design requirements.

  • A penis ring which is as beautiful as it is fully functional both as a penis ring and bracelet
  • Size adjustable for men within the full endowment spectrum
  • Wearable and removable from a frontal latch (without the effort encountered with lower-end/common penis-rings)
  • A clasp simple enough to fasten with a single free hand when worn as a bracelet
  • Ergonomics and contours comfortable for both purposes
  • Disguise a cock ring in plain sight (in real life) when you're traveling, passing metal detectors subject to possible body search.
  • To add a twist that (we believe) enriches the overall experience of using our creations beyond the bedroom or nudist beach.


  • Gold Plated Alloy
  • Durable black rubber
  • Adjustable/self-size
  • Washable - See Jewelry Care
  • Compatible with water based lubes
  • Artfully hand-crafted in Greece in limited quantities exclusively for Esculpta
  • Washable - See Jewelry Care
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Weight 0.15 LBS
Height 0.25
Width 1.77
Depth 1.00
JockRing BOA "DEBUT" EDITIONS - Goldtone
JockRing BOA "DEBUT" EDITIONS - Goldtone
JockRing BOA "DEBUT" EDITIONS - Goldtone
JockRing BOA "DEBUT" EDITIONS - Goldtone