Lost The Plot

Just the Tip Sex Tips for Chicks by Gay Dudes


A hilarious, dirty and wonderfully informative book full of sex tips for straight women, inspired by advice from an international panel of gay men

Ever wondered: How to give the perfect blow job? Where a guy should blow his load? What sleep chemistry is? You are not alone. There are only so many sex-related questions you can ask Google before your browser history explodes and you've scarred your retina with too many dodgy, and frankly quite disturbing, image search results. Worry no more, we went directly to the experts on everything "man-junk" to bust some myths, get some tips and learn a lot more.Featuring many tips from mild to wild, a nice take-home message from the book is that at the end of the day everything comes back to the importance of chemistry. Nothing is off limits. This book covers a range of basic, adventurous and taboo topics, including: etiquette, kissing, spooning, the penis, hand jobs, balls, blow jobs, the perineum, butt play, sex, anal sex, and play time. The perfect gift for any friend (or soul mate).

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Just the Tip Sex Tips for Chicks by Gay Dudes