NobEssence Urge


The wooden Urge dildo from Nob Essence is ergonomic and organic. The sexy 'S' shaped curves of this sculpture makes this easily one of your new fava. The bulbous end is perfectly designed for solo g/p-spot play or hold the bulb as the handle and enjoy the sensations of fullness the smooth end provides. Place the tip over, or in, your partner and apply your silicone vibrator to the alcove to learn why the world's most coveted instruments are made from exotic hardwoods.  Rouse's ergonomic grip, paired with a perfectly balanced 2" blade, is capable of delivering caresses, slaps, and deep sweet-spot thuds (see optional variable-THUD sleeve); all without leaving their partner's side.

NobEssence Inc is an innovative supplier of premium hand-sculpted organic, ergonomic, and aesthetically pleasing products from sustainably managed/farmed exotic hardwoods. They are guided by their mission to supply safe, sensual, and sustainable sculptures that provide:

  • Pleasure - as a natural and healthy means of self-knowing, becoming, sharing and connecting
  • Functional Quality - as befits heirloom and museum quality products that work
  • Health & Sustainability - as is fitting for persons placed in the stewardship of God's creation.

Nobessence wooden toys are made of organic wood, hand finished to a smooth surface, and sealed with Lubrosity their exclusive bio-compatible body-safe coating that makes them waterproof and hypo-allergenic.’s not just for bottoms! For an extra treat during oral-vaginal play, face handle toward clitoris and while stimulating her bud with your tongue, rest your chin on the handle and prepare for wet blended bliss.

*Wood colors will vary.

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Weight 0.29 LBS
Height 8.00
Width 2.00
Depth 5.00
Sku 98816
NobEssence Urge
NobEssence Urge