Parish Michelle Blair


Master Manifestor, Sex Goddess

As a Master Manifestor, I focus on shining the positive energy of  love and light on the topic of sensuality and sexuality for the purpose  of releasing judgement.   I've  practiced a variety of holistic healing modalities for 20+ years  with dramatic results of synergy between the mind, body and spirit.

Founder Parish Blair TV & Sexy Spirit TV

Bringing  light and synergy to the mind, body and spirit is what  keeps Parish M.  Blair going daily. A near death experience caused this  transforming  shift in her life that allowed her to reevaluate and  re-purpose herself.  It is her belief that God led her down this path to  harmonize  sensuality, sexuality and spirituality. As a Master Manifestor, Parish travels the world  teaching students how to create  anything they choose to do, be or have in their lives.

Founder Good Sex, Selfies & Success

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You can book on-line and in person sessions directly with Parish via her website: