Setting Boundaries In Your Relationships


Achieve Peace By Setting Boundaries
We begin to learn about boundaries as a young child.  What we can and can not do. Who we can and can not touch.  Depending on who our parents, caregivers, older siblings are, we also learn what boundaries we can or can not establish for ourselves.  Something as simple as not wanting to give Uncle Joe a hug because you are incapable of expressing his weird energy or sneaky touches, can keep you from learning how to  establish boundaries for yourself.  

In this course you will learn:

  • Expressing what you don't want.
  • Master the art of saying 'no'.
  • Explore the differences between boundaries and
    boarders and when and if to have them in your relationship(s).

When you have completed this course you will have a clear(er) understanding of your own rights to your own boundaries without being concerned about others feelings.  That saying no is a gift to yourself. You will have the confidence to speak up for yourself before boundaries are crossed by learning to establish what you will accept or not accept and feel good about it.

Ready to say...'there's a new sheriff in town and her name is  (insert your name here)! Let us begin!

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Setting Boundaries In Your Relationships