Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?


Who are you... at the core of your being?  Not who your teacher said you were or your mother hoped you would be or even, who your partner believes you to be? This course gives you the opportunity to see how you act, react and interact with others based on your core personality and your environmental personality.  Yes, we all learn to 'adjust' ourselves as best we can in order to get through life.

In this course you will receive:

  • You will receive a 30 page Comprehensive DISC Personality Assessment. 
  • You will learn about your strengths, communication style and decision-making styles.
  • Gain insights to improve your ability to relate with others.
  • Discover how you process information and how others different than you process their information.

When you have completed this course you will be able to recognize the personality styles of those you are communicating with. You will be able to see beyond and around your own filters and biases to improve all of your relationships. Learn to adjust your own personality style in order to make the relationship(s) work better for you and for them, now that you have the information.  Ready?  Let's begin.

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Who Do You Think You Are, Anyway?