Master Fetish Trainer, Sex Goddess, Licensed Clinical Therapist

Jasmine, Owner of Jet Setting Jasmine LLC. & Royal Fetish Films, is a Licensed Clinical Therapist with a Bachelors of Art in Sociology, Masters of Clinical Social Work and Masters in Aging Studies. Her background in Integrated Human Studies has allowed an extensive professional career working with adult clients from a Solutions-Focused and Exposure Therapy model. Jasmine offers psychotherapy services in person and virtually via her mental wellness practice, Blue Pearl Therapy LLC. 

Co-Founder Jet Setting Jasmine, Royal Fetish Films & Body Altitudes Health & Fitness

Jasmine is a certified Sexpert, Master Fetish Trainer and contributing writer for Sex Health Magazine. She has traveled internationally hosting SexEd Workshops, Fetish Training Sessions and Live Demos for private clientele and organizations. The Jet-Setting Jasmine team highlights the more erotic side of sensuality through Fantasy Flight parties; placing a strong emphasis on empowering, enhancing and redefining sexuality for singles and couples.  Jasmine's high-spirited & unconventional approach to intimacy issues  has allowed client's to explore and address many of their deeply rooted  barriers, as well as accept and normalize fetishes.

Jasmine  is a national contributor on the issues of Intimacy & Chronic Illness, Sexuality & Aging and Sex Positive Parenting. Jasmine served as a feature contributor to the Journal of Palliative Medicine and Sex Health Magazine; also featured in Ebony Magazine, The Source,  Esquire UK, Marie Claire and more. She finds it rewarding and  absolutely imperative to educate and sensitize health care providers,  family members and community providers on the importance of healthy  intimacy at all stages of adulthood. She previously served on a number of task groups for the Department of Veteran Affairs, developing training and education around Intimacy Post Injury & Intimacy and Caregiving.  Jasmine blends her personal experience and professional background to host workshops & fundraisers for helping organizations such as  Domestic Violence Shelters & Transitional Homes for Women and Families, with an effort to redefine self-concepts & identify and nurture healthy sexual/intimate behaviors.

Jasmine values the incorporation of health and wellness in all aspects of the  Jet Setting Jasmine Fantasy Flight model. She is the owner of Body  Altitudes Health and Fitness; along with business partner King Noire; they bring the unique element of Sexy & Confidence to clientele.  The duo have development the fitness formats K.I.S.S (Keep It Strong & Sexy) &  Steel & Stilettos Fitness™ and Fantasy Flight Fitness; which have been debuted in over seven countries and hundreds of cities!  

Co-Founder Adult Entertainer Royal Fetish Films

Jasmine,  co-host Royal Fetish Radio provides candid perspective & guidance to listeners frequently asked intimate questions, fears, and fantasies. Jasmine is  also co-owner of Royal Fetish Films, an adult entertainment film company that puts the camera and directing authority in the hands of the viewer.  The Royal Fetish Film team develops adult content that is designed and customized to explore Fetish work with clients and adult film stars.  She has worked alongside with pioneers in the adult film industry, including having stars on her XXXPosure Therapy Couch.   Jasmine allows stars to discuss and play out some of their most intimate fantasies and share with fans. The film company places a strong emphasis on the inclusion of people of color in kink and defying sexual stereotypes.  King Noire and Jet Setting Jasmine are proud recipients of the 20016 and 20017 Full-Length Featured Film Fetish Con Award. 

Individual and Couples Counseling Sessions

Individual and couples sessions are available for booking in the areas of BDSM/Kink, Trauma, Couples Sessions.