Enjoy Sexy Getaways with Organic Loven!

If you’ve reached that stage in your life where you understand that “Grown” has nothing to do with your age and “Sexy” has little to do with the size of your clothing, then this is the “Crew” for you! Our sexy getaways will take you to some of the world’s most exotic locations. You’ll be joined by other like-minded adults to indulge in an erotic, luxurious vacation from the everyday. Keep your inhibitions at home and pack your sense of adventure while you see, smell, taste and touch your way to a new sensory experience.

Leave the planning to us!

Let Organic Loven simplify your vacation planning process! Our wide array of options shouldn’t intimidate you. Just give us a call or send us an email and we’ll help guide you in the right direction. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff casts no judgement and will take care of the entire planning process. All you’ll need to do is plan your wardrobe!

Book a Trip and Shop for Travel Goodies, All in One Place

Once you’ve booked one of our sexy getaways, shop our online boutique for eco-friendly, body-safe products to accompany your adventure. We carry plenty of travel-sized lubricants and sexy body products that go great in a carry-on. Plus, many of our body-safe vibrators include a travel lock so there are no surprises in the security line! Send an email to to ask our friendly staff if the product you’ve selected will be good for travel. We’re happy to help!

Our links below will take you to our travel site for you to discover the perfect event(s) for you and the bodies you love to love!


 A cruise where the focus is on YOU and not your kids? YES. Our Grown and Sexy Cruises let you sleep in, indulge and even learn a little about your erotic nature.



Luxury Hotel Events and Takeovers

What is the best thing about a hotel takeover?  It's all ours!  Every square inch of these luxurious hotels belongs to us.  We convert it into a play space like no other.  Discos that stay open until the wee hours in the morning, beyond midnight snacks and late and very late breakfast, most often in bed.  Exciting local excursions and sexy people from more than 20 countries.  Join us for our next Takeover or sneak peek into a new culture!

Excursions and Additional Cruises

Choose sexy getaways from some of the most exotic, erotic locations on Earth! There’s never a dull moment as we plan every aspect of trips to places like Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand and Spain. Discover your desire and unleash your sexuality.


Imagine a hotel where you can take things at your own pace and never worry about censoring yourself for children. A fantasy? It may sound like one but all fantasies at these adults-only hotels can come true.

Club MoBay Concierge Service

Many of our sexy getaways will take you to Montego Bay, Jamaica. For premiere airport service including expedited customs service and a luxury lounge, reserve with Club Mobay. This state-of-the-art lounge provides everything you need including complimentary refreshments and beverages, free WiFi, a business center and electronic games. Mini spa services and shower facilities are also available at an additional cost.

Want to travel with us?  We want you to!


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