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We could all benefit from knowing a little more about our bodies and the bodies we love to love. With renowned Erotic Educator and Sex Goddess Taylor Sparks (aka Mariposa) at the helm, you’ll learn about treating your body well with all-natural products, discovering new positions for all body types and unleashing hidden desires that have laid waiting for too long! Find out how to have great sex, how to select the toys you play with and how to tap into your sexy self. These hands-on seminars can be booked for events or groups or find out where we’ll be next to participate!

Seminars and Courses listed below are available to be presented live and/or are available for immediate download as a digital course.  See all of our digital courses on-demand here.


Jealousy? Understanding The Intersection Between I Love You and Fuck Off!
Jealousy does not become exempt from your emotions when you decide to be in a committed relationship, be it ethically monogamous or ethically non-monogamous. In this course we will learn to unpack, defuse, self-soothe and develop a game plan to stop, observe and strategize our own way of dealing with jealousy. This is designed to be an intimate course with limited attendees allowed.

We will review:

  •  History of Marriage
  • Jealousy vs. Envy
  • Types of jealousy and their triggers
  • Develop Power Statements
  • Develop A Jealousy Game Plan

You will learn to develop a positive mindset regarding jealousy and to self-soothe to improve your relationship with yourself and others.

After completing this course, it is advised that you book a sixty minute Q and A consultation with Taylor to go over some of the areas that you still have questions about regarding your desire to improve your emotions.  Ready? Let us begin.


Seminar: The Care And Feeding Of Your Yoni
A Woman's Guide To Keeping It Naturally Safe And Wet
(Alternative Title: The Care And Feeding Of Your Pussy!)

Holistic sexual wellness looks at sex from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective. It accepts the full range of sexual expression and enjoyment, without shame, shoulds, or judgment.

At any age, a woman can enhance and improve her sexual health/wellness leading to better and more satisfying sex and well-being.  Who is this course for? Women (vulva owners) seeking to improve their sexual health/wellness utilizing natural and/or organic ingredients.

  • Women in their 20's and above
  • Peri-menopausal women
  • Women currently in menopause
  • Post menopausal women

Within this course you will discover the most common ingredients within your intimate body products that could be causing irritation, burning, dryness or even recurrent yeast infections. Learn natural ways to improve and increase vaginal lubrication, vaginal strengthening and enhanced orgasms.

After completing this course you will:

  • Learn to discard the sexual health myths that the intimate body product marketing people want you to believe about your body!
  • Learn which product ingredients are causing potential harm and/or irritations.
  • Discover eco-friendly body products that can enhance your sexual health and wellness.
  • Explore common foods that can naturally increase your vaginal lubrication.
  • Discover what steps to take to connect the head, the heart and the womb space for an overall better sexual experience.
  • Learn natural ways to balance hormones and lessen the effects of menopause.
  • Receive a list of the 10 ingredients that are making your vagina dry.
  • Receive a list of natural ingredients/supplements to improve your lubrication

Ready?  Let us begin.


Seminar: Spanking For Lovers. Your Ass Or Mine?
An Ass-piring Seminar On the Culture, Anatomy and Positions of Spanking
Ever wonder why you like slapping your woman on the behind as she walks by, as she's doing the dishes, as she gets out of bed, and during sex...you may be a spankophile! If taking a strap or paddle to your man's naked behind and chastising him for not 'doing as he was told' makes your juices flow...you may be a spankophile! In this fun, interactive seminar based on the popular book, Spanking for Lovers, we cover the culture, anatomy and positions of spanking! Yes, its BYOB (bring your own behind)!

Seminar Highlights:

  • Find out what a spankophile is!
  • Learn the anatomy of spanking
  • Discover great spanking positions
  • For any body type, any ability, any age

Seminar: How to Make Good Pussy, Better
Loving yourself organically and Liberating your flat sex life!
Alternate Title: How To Make Good Loven, Better

This fun hands-on, 'bodies-on' and informative seminar is lead by erotic educator and sex goddess Taylor Sparks. We’ll cover the dangers of conventional condoms, lubricants and non-medical-grade sex toys. Learn how to have great sex and safer sex using vegan and organic products. Find out ingredients should never, ever enter the 'precious petals.'  The fun really takes off with a live demo of our top selling Liberator sex pillows and shapes. You’ll learn how to take your sex life to new depths with positions that make sex more comfortable for one, two or three people at a time! All participants leave with free samples and discount coupons for future purchases on organicloven.com.

Seminar Highlights:

  • Learn about safe materials for sex toys
  • Discover all-natural and organic intimate body products
  • Live demo of Liberator sex pillow and shapes for various positions
  • For any body type, any ability, any age
  • Free samples and coupons for organicloven.com

When Your Hips Don’t Lie: Sex Positions For Real Life Bodies
They say we are all the same size when we are laying down, but what happens when we want to have sex standing up or in some other position? What do you do when there is a big height differential or body size? How do you accommodate mobility issues and still have a good time without getting somebody hurt?
In this seminar we will explore and discover all the fun, flexible and not so flexible ways to indulge in your best sex. Get ready to learn and practice such positions as: Capture the Flag, the Fox Hunt, the Pedestal, the Bound Butterfly, the Carnal Clutch, the Drawbridge, Side Winder and my favorite, the Supreme Being and more!

Seminar Highlights

  • Learn which are the best sex positions based on your body
  • Discover which sex positions are best if you have mobility issues
  • Live demo of Liberator sex pillow and shapes for various positions
  • For any body type and physical abilities.

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