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 Are you ready to explore a new dimension of love and intimacy? Our coaching services are here to guide monogamous and non-monogamous individuals and couples like you on an exciting journey into and through ethical non-monogamy.



Ignite Your Passion: Uncover a world of boundless possibilities where love knows no limits.

I understand the challenges and joys of transitioning into ethical non-monogamy, and I'm here to support you every step of the way. Embrace the freedom to connect deeply with multiple partners while nurturing your existing relationships.

Build Stronger Bonds: Ethical non-monogamy is not just about physical connections; it's about building stronger emotional bonds as well. Through our coaching, you'll learn effective communication skills, trust-building techniques, and conflict resolution strategies that will empower you and your partner(s) to navigate this exciting new chapter together.

Navigate with Confidence:  Embarking On This Journey Can Be Both Exhilarating and Nerve-Wracking.

With my personalized guidance, you'll gain the confidence to express your desires, set boundaries, and create a harmonious dynamic that resonates with your unique values.


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Embrace open horizons through this journey into ethical non-monogamy. Discover the how, why and with whom of ethical non-monogamy and explore its wide spectrum of relationship styles, from open relationships to polyamory. Learn how to navigate these styles with transparency, communication, and respect.

Ethical non-monogamy is a path of self-discovery and personal growth. My coaching services encourage you to explore your own desires, emotions, and boundaries, fostering a deeper understanding of yourself and your partners. As you embark on this transformative journey, you'll develop a heightened sense of self-awareness and an enriched connection to your own needs and aspirations.


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You choose your transition style.  You can choose for a private 1:1, 1:2, etc coaching setting.  Or you can join the group coaching where you find a supportive community.  When you choose my coaching services, you're not just gaining expert guidance – you're joining a vibrant community of like-minded individuals and couples who share your values. Connect with others who are on similar paths, exchange stories, and receive encouragement as you navigate the exciting landscape of ethical non-monogamy.


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Whether you're curious about exploring ethical non-monogamy or you're already on the path and seeking guidance, my coaching services are tailored to your unique journey. Embrace a life filled with deeper connections, enriched relationships, and personal growth.


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Navigating ethical non-monogamy and its complexities requires more than wishful thinking or mere imitation. Merely posing the same questions to yourself or your partners repeatedly, hoping for a sudden breakthrough, is like expecting a novel explanation for the construction of the pyramids.

I am here to provide concrete outcomes that guide you through ethical non-monogamy, allowing you to rediscover harmony within yourself and your relationships. This process liberates you from stagnation and propels you towards a constructive and self-affirming direction. The era of hesitation and delay has come to an end.

The moment has arrived to invest in your personal growth and the flourishing of your ethical non-monogamous relationships. Cease the search for validation to enrich YOUR life.

Seize the occasion and embark on a journey of premium ethical non-monogamy coaching today. You stand prepared for this transformative adventure. Your presence here is a testament to your readiness to explore the potential of aligning your thoughts, emotions, and your innermost essence. This integration brings comprehensive betterment and a profound sense of contentment to your life.

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Taylor Sparks, also known as Mariposa, is an erotic educator and sex goddess and is a dedicated coach specializing in ethical non-monogamy and intimate relationships. With a fervent commitment to empowering individuals, Taylor brings her extensive knowledge as an erotic educator and certified expert in holistic aromatherapy and human behavior to guide people on their journey.

Drawing upon more than two decades of experience in the natural skincare and cosmetics industry, Taylor, introduced the world to OrganicLoven.com—the largest BIPOC owned online intimacy shop. Organic Loven stands as a beacon of sexual health and wellness, offering organic intimate body products, body-safe sex toys, sex-positive books, enlightening erotic educational seminars, ethical non-monogamy coaching and exclusive adult luxury getaways.

Taylor's insights have resonated across prominent publications, including Bustle, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Health, Oprah, Shape, Women’s Health, and others. Prior to the inception of Organic Loven, she crafted a line of 16 head-to-toe organic body care products tailored for elite endurance athletes. These innovative products gained recognition in Muscle & Fitness Hers and ESPN Magazines, alongside sponsorships for major athletic events and for Olympic athletes in both the summer and winter games.

Grounded in a strong commitment to social and environmental consciousness, Taylor champions all things organic, natural, and eco-friendly—including matters of the heart. Personally, she navigates the realms of monogamy and ethical non-monogamy, with a 25-year marriage that has gracefully encompassed both aspects.

Taylor's guiding philosophy remains unwavering: "Give as much love as you want to receive, be it monogamous, non-monogamous, straight, bi, gay, or transgender…just LOVE: Boldly, Deeply, Naturally, Organically, Purely."


Read her full bio here.


What is Holistic Sexuality?
Psychology tells us that our nervous system needs to be relaxed in order to receive pleasure. Neuroscience finds that sex and nudity make us anxious, which sends our nervous system into fight-or-flight mode. Holistic sexuality teaches you that sex and these feelings of avoiding pleasure and how to accept them is normal so that you can stop doing that. 

Holistic sexuality is an approach to sexuality that considers the physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual aspects of a person's sexual experience. It views sexuality as a natural and healthy part of human life, and emphasizes the importance of understanding and integrating all aspects of sexuality into one's overall sense of self.

Holistic sexuality also emphasizes the importance of communication, consent, and respect in sexual relationships, as well as the promotion of pleasure and intimacy for all parties involved.

Today’s society shames pleasure, especially women’s pleasure and the thought of it can overwhelm you more as you fall back into what you ‘believed’ to be ‘the right thing to do.’ This one-on-one coaching program will walk you back into alignment with your true holistic sexuality so that you are able to ask for and receive all of the pleasure that you desire…even if that pleasure is with yourself.

Is this virtual? How does this work?
This program includes weekly 1-hour live session(s)via zoom (individual sessions are customized to fit clients' schedule) for a duration of four to eight sessions, depending on the package you choose. Each package receives a 30-page DISC personality assessment and practices that you can do from home. At the end of our time together, you will receive a breakdown of all the tools you learned and how to continue integrating them into your life. All sessions are virtual and booked through Acuity Scheduling.

Is this for individuals, couples or throuples?
My coaching program is for individuals and couples. Only you and/or your partner(s) will be allowed into our sessions. We offer coaching for ethical non-monogamous throuples for a nominal additional fee. For couples, we will initially meet together, then a separate meeting for each of you and then another meeting together.  I offer group coaching a few times a year.

Is this for monogamous or non-monogamous love styles?
Both. Getting in alignment, learning to be an authentic communicator and listener, discovering how you act, react, and interact with others, has little to do with how or with whom you love. The same is true for holistic sexuality, sexual health and wellness, or gender identity.

How long will it take to see results?
This is something only you can answer because it depends on how long it takes for you to apply what you have learned. But most people who are seeking to make changes in how they act, interact and react with others (partners, family, children, co-workers, etc) will see changes as soon as they start to use the tools provided.

Do you offer payment plans?
Yes we do!  We also have special financing terms via Klarna, if need be. Our goal is to make this coaching as accessible as possible.

What is your refund policy?
Due to the nature of this being digital products along with a live coaching, we do not offer refunds or cancellations.  We do, however off the ability to reschedule certain appointments.

How much is the investment?
This program is an investment in your relationship(s) that provides you with the mindset, practices and tools to bring you back into alignment with your relationship and/or sexual goals. Pricing begins at $360.00 for one session, $1080.00 for four sessions and $2520.00 for eight sessions and payment plans are available.

Session(s) can include:

  • DISC Personality Profile Assessment.  This version is designed to offer extensive feedback. It is packed full of helpful and practical information to help you to understand yourself and how to adapt to relate better to others. You will learn about your strengths, communication style, decision-making style and gain insights to improve your ability to relate with others.
    • Receive a video walk through explanation of DISC assessment results.
  • The InterACTION Guide is a DISC profile report for 2 people. It will help you to understand yourself and someone else by reviewing the highlights of each of your personality styles.
    • It will identify the strengths of your relationship by looking at traits that tend to go well together.
    • It will identify potential struggles in your relationship based on traits that tend to clash.
    • Most importantly, it will provide specific strategies on how to adapt to one another to leverage your strengths and overcome potential struggles.
  • Emotions Management (jealousy, envy, insecurities, etc)

  • Communication  including: active listening skills, .


  • Unlearning monogamous traits (i.e. ownership/exclusivity, jealousy, hierarchy, etc)


Complete and submit your application today, as spaces are limited.  Apply here!

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