Gvibe Gpop 2


Unisex Stimulator: G Spot Vibrator and P Spot Massager

Gpop 2 is designed with both all bodies in mind with an ideal curve for both G-spot or P-spot stimulation. The head softly penetrates into the desired erogenous zone while the thin base doesn’t stretch the sphincter as Gpop 2 is a slightly curved stem with a protruding pleasure pad will perfectly master both the male P-spot and the female G-spot.

Gpop 2 is comfortable to hold and easy to use. This silky-smooth dual-purpose luxury vibrator is fully waterproof and uses a one-button control to cycle through its 6 vibration modes and 3 speeds with changing intensity.


Maximum pleasure with Gpop 2

Thanks to its drop shape and thin flexible stem, Gvibe Gpop 2 is extremely pleasant to insert and very comfortable to use. Get maximum pleasure! Gpop 2 can be used in any position that you can change in the process.

Gpop2 has a motor with better vibration for the prostate

Inside the sex toy, we placed a roaring low-frequency motor that gives a deep, penetrating vibration. We calculated the size of the device in such a way as to make prostate caresses as pleasant as possible: Gvibe Gpop 2 affects the prostate gland not with the tip but with the main part, and the sensations from this are soft but strong.

Special design of the handle of the Gpop 2

Another distinctive detail is the special design of the handle of the device. It serves as a stopper during anal play, and it was important for us to make it as reliable as possible and at the same time comfortable. And we did it! The device can be operated even with wet hands (which is important because Gvibe Gpop 2 is completely waterproof, and nothing should stop you from taking it with you to the shower or bath).



- Powerful yet quiet motor.

- Six vibration modes.

- Intuitive controls.

- Odorless.

- 100% waterproof.

- Up to 4 hours operation on one charge of the battery. Magnetic charger. Please note the initial charging time is 2 hours.

- Travel lock: to unlock press the power button and hold for two seconds.

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Weight 0.31 LBS
Height 5.63
Width 2.75
Depth 2.75
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Gvibe Gpop 2
Gvibe Gpop 2
Gvibe Gpop 2
Gvibe Gpop 2
Gvibe Gpop 2
Gvibe Gpop 2
Gvibe Gpop 2
Gvibe Gpop 2