You will be welcomed to a place where your holistic sexuality meets your sex positive vibes.
At ANY age, you can have the sexual relationships that you desire!
You and only YOU are responsible for YOUR own happiness!





Aligning Your Inner Sex Goddess - The Course, On Demand, will take you on an interactive online journey that will integrate these three important areas of your life at your own pace.

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Who Do You Think You Are...Anyway?

  • Gain a better understanding of how you act, interact and react inter-personally and sexually with others.
    • Comprehensive DISC Personality Assessment.  A 30-page report that is highly accurate and easy-to-understand. It is packed full of helpful and practical information to help you to understand yourself and how to adapt to relate better to others. It is perfect for business or personal use. You will learn about your strengths, communication style, decision-making style and gain insights to improve your ability to relate with others.

Use Your Words

  • Learn how to ask for...everything.
  • (Re) connect with your Goddess Feminine Energy
  • Discover effective communication tools for clarity

Achieve Peace By Setting Boundaries

  • Expressing what you don't want.
  • Master the art of saying 'no'.
  • Explore the differences between boundaries and
    boarders and when and if to have them in your relationship(s).



Understanding Your Sexual Relationship Messages

  • Recognize how epigenetics has imprinted messages upon you regarding your outlook on relationships, your sexuality, sex, your body and communication.
  • Release shame, judgement sexual stigmas and stereotypes.
    • Be it generational trauma, religion, family traditions or patriarchy or stereotypes left over from slavery.

 Holistic Health

  • Deep Dive Into Your Overall Health-Holistic Functional Health Report. Mental, emotional, social, intellectual, sexual and spiritual health.


  • Focus on What Pleases You
  • Home, career, relationships
  • Gotta Do's vs. Want To Do's



Care & Feeding Of Your Yoni

  • Sexual Health/Wellness without chemicals
  • Natural ways to improve vaginal lubrication

Feeling Yourself

  • Mental/physical benefits of masturbation
  • Masturbation techniques
  • Masturbation and manifesting to achieve your personal/professional goals

Giving With Gratitude

  • When you receive and are full, you can give gratefully and become part of an exchange of healing, love and intimacy.



You and only YOU are responsible for YOUR own happiness!


 Yes!  I'm ready for all of this!



The Course - Where, When and With Whom We Begin


The Aligning With Your Inner Sex Goddess course will be On-Demand on the website beginning August 30th.  You will be able to go through all of the nine modules at your own pace.  Upon registration, you will be mailed your DISC assessment codes within 48 hours. Any downloads will be available within the course.


Download the Digital Courses HERE




Your Results!
By the end of the course, you will:

  • Be more sexually free and open - with yourself, your partner(s).
  • Have mapped out a plan to move forward with your whole self, mind, body and spirit.
  • Discovered ways to have a healthier sexual lifestyle.
  • You will feel more comfortable challenging yourself to indulge in the sexual pleasures you desire.
  • Identify how the satisfaction in your sex life can also improve your work life and/or business life.


 Really.  I've heard enough! I'm ready now!


 Your Sex Goddess


 Among many things, Taylor (aka Mariposa) Sparks is a passionate erotic educator and sex goddess, certified in both holistic aromatherapy and human behavior. With over a decade of experience in the natural skin care/cosmetics industry, Ms. Sparks launched, one of the largest BIPOC owned online intimacy shops. Organic Loven specializes in improving adults’ sexual health/wellness and enhancing their sex lives via their organic intimate body products, body-safe sex toy materials, sex-positive books, erotic educational seminars and luxury adults only vacations.

Ms. Sparks’ expertise has contributed to articles in Bustle, Conde Nast Traveler, Cosmopolitan, Glamour, Men’s Health, Oprah, Shape, Women’s Health magazines and more. Prior to launching Organic Loven she developed a line of 16 head-to-toe organic body care products for elite endurance athletes, called Skin Care for Athletes Tri-Body Products. These products were featured in Muscle & Fitness Hers and the ESPN Magazines, sponsored numerous triathlons, 5ks and marathons as well as 5 Olympic athletes in both the summer and winter Olympics. She successfully served many companies as a corporate trainer for more than 10 years training courses on: Communication & Negotiations, Leadership Skills for New Managers, Conflict Resolution and Customer Service.

Taylor has also become renowned in the adult travel industry and is a powerful public speaker both nationally and internationally. Her flagship seminar entitled,” How To Make Good Pussy, Better”, is extremely popular and focuses on the benefits of organic intimate body products and body safe sex toys.

Personally, she is living her life out loud in an ethically non-monogamous lifestyle. Within her 25 year marriage 12 of those years were ethically monogamous and 13 ethically non-monogamous, including 7 years within 3 polyamorous relationships and has two young adult children.  Taylor is socially and environmentally conscious and a strong supporter in all things organic, natural and eco-friendly...including Love.



 Download the Digital Courses HERE




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