Holiday Shopping By A Sex Goddess



Short on time? Not sure what to buy your beloved(s) for the Holidays?  Hate to shop?  *Complete a short questionnaire regarding your beloved(s), submit and we will recommended the gifts that are sure to please!
Take the stress out of your intimate gift shopping experience! Let us help you give the perfect gift for the bodies you love to love!  Just complete the form below and we will have your recommended products list based on your budget within 48-72 hours.  Fee: $25.00



Do you have questions regarding which are the best body safe sex toys for you, your partner or both of you?  Wondering if the lubricant or condoms you are using are the best for your body or the type of sex that you are having?  Interested in speaking with someone regarding taking the steps it takes to open your relationship or embark on a polyamorous lifestyle?

Any and all questions that you may have will be answered in a confidential consultation with me.  Many times, when going to a sex toy store, the staff are not educated about the toys beyond what they have read on the back of the box.  Other times they are much younger than their clients and don't have first hand knowledge of what a persons body may be going through at that stage of their lives and may recommend a product that is not best for them.

As an experienced erotic educator and sex goddess, I will give you the answers that you are seeking.  If by some chance I do not know a particular item or area of concern, I can direct you to the people that can further assist you in the areas that you need as I work with a wide array of sex educators, clinical therapist, trauma specialists, master fetish trainers and master manifestors.

Book a confidential Q and A session with me and we can meet up on Skype, Zoom or via phone.

30 Minutes $85.00  or 60 Minutes $160.00

*Every consultation receives a 15% coupon to be applied to any purchase on Organic Loven.


Q & A Consultations

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Shopping for your Beloved can be challenging, especially when it comes to intimate body products, sex toys or even books relating to sexuality.  Let me walk you through some of best products on our site based on the answers that you give me regarding your Beloved. When you don't have a lot of time, it can be even more daunting working your way through all of the products. We can accommodate all budgets and ship world wide.

Let me be your personal shopper and save all of the energy for your fun filled nights together!

So whether you are shopping for a:

  • Beloved
  • Newly started relationship
  • Same sex friend
  • Friends With Benefits...but want to show you want more
  • Newly separated/divorced friend
  • Young adult exploring their sexuality
  • Sapiosexual friend/lover
  • Kinky friend/lover

We have something for everyone!  Book your personal shopping experience with me today!

30 Minutes Personal Shopping Consultation


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*Does not apply to books or events/cruises.