Gvibe Geisha Balls 3


Vaginal balls are one of the most popular ways to train the pelvic floor muscles. But besides this, they have many more uses: for example, if you insert and wear balls 20 minutes before sex, the excitement will come faster, and the orgasm will be deeper and brighter! 

Our Gvibe Geisha Balls 3 set contains 5 balls of different weights – from 24 g to 77 g, and two silicone strings – for one ball and for two. Start with one ball, the lightest, then move on to training with two: put the heavier ball on the bottom, the lighter one on top. When you master the Kegel exercises with the heaviest balls, you can then place them in the vagina without the string and try to hold (and this is very difficult).

A more detailed scheme for using Kegel balls is in the user manual of the device. A set of Gvibe Geisha Balls 3 will last you more than six months of training!

The effectiveness of training with our vaginal balls is ensured, among other things, by the shifted center of gravity in Geisha Balls. Thanks to this, the balls always strive to slip out, which means that the muscles are forced to contract, and you train without noticing it yourself.

Gvibe Geisha Balls 3 are made of ABS plastic, a safe, hypoallergenic and non-porous material that is easy to clean and easy to store. The string is made of soft medical grade silicone. Be sure to wash the balls with toy cleaner before the first use and after each workout. For exercise, be sure to use a water-based lubricant.

Usage tips:

  • Use vaginal balls at least 15-30 minutes a day.
  • Even during daily activities when you have the balls inside the muscles will be trained.
  • Our body is smart enough, so when the balls are inside the muscles will hold the balls naturally, without any special efforts.
  • Increase weight from lightest to heaviest.
  • To remove the balls out of vagina, relax your muscles and pull the strap.
  • When you are trained enough try to hold just the ball inside without the strap.
  • Keep increasing the weight.


  • Five balls of different weights.
  • Universal solution in one set – one of the lightest and one of the heaviest balls on the market.
  • Anatomical shape – 30 mm / 1.29″ in diameter.
  • Body safe medical silicone and abs plastic.
  • Seven stages of training.
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Gvibe Geisha Balls 3
Gvibe Geisha Balls 3
Gvibe Geisha Balls 3
Gvibe Geisha Balls 3
Gvibe Geisha Balls 3
Gvibe Geisha Balls 3