Gvibe Greal MINI with Suction Cup


Gvibe’s Revolutionary Bioskin™ material feels and responds like flesh. It’s almost impossible to believe how realistic this sex toy’s material really is. We reached a new height in the evolution of massager materials when we created “BIOSKIN”. It’s as close to the human body as possible.

Enjoy 100% waterproof, lifelike body safe BIOSKIN™ medical grade silicone – Gvibe G-real mini is perfect for play in the bath, shower, or hot tub. This g-spot vibrator is great for vaginal stimulation or anal vibration. You’ve found a sex toy that works for men, women, or any gender and can be used to stimulate internally and externally for clit stimulation too. With its convenient magnetic charger, it’s simple to stay ready for realistic feel, deep vibration, and satisfying penetration with G real mini.


Especially for Gvibe Greal Mini (Fuchsia), we created the Bioskin material which was so loved by customers that it later formed the basis of many of our other products. This sex toy will probably be the best mini vibrator for women. Bioskin is soft and gentle, odorless and adapts quickly to body temperature for a realistic caress experience.

At the same time, Bioskin is a medical grade silicone: non-porous, hypoallergenic material, easy to care for, durable and safe.

Thanks to the material and carefully designed construction, realistic small dildo is flexible and elastic, it adapts to your anatomy. It has a marked head, blood vessels on the shaft and scrotum – everything is like a real one, only even more interesting.

We placed the Greal Mini (Fuchsia) motor (roaring, with low deep frequencies) not at the base but closer to the head of the device so that the vibration is concentrated where it is most wanted and the waves move smoothly down along the shaft of the dildo.

Lifelike vibrating dildo can be used as a strap-on: its suction cup will act as a base with which it can be attached to the belt.

To unleash the full potential of Greal Mini (Fuchsia), try it in combination with Gring – then you can change not only the vibration modes but also their intensity, and you will find exactly the kind of caress that will give you maximum pleasure.


The G real mini is an ecologically safe, hypoallergenic, premium quality vaginal vibrator.

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Gvibe Greal MINI with Suction Cup
Gvibe Greal MINI with Suction Cup
Gvibe Greal MINI with Suction Cup
Gvibe Greal MINI with Suction Cup
Gvibe Greal MINI with Suction Cup
Gvibe Greal MINI with Suction Cup