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Adult DISC Personality Profile - 30 Pages - English


This English Standard Adult version of the Discovery Report is a comprehensive personality assessment and report. This version is designed to offer extensive feedback while being shorter than the adult extended version (30 pages vs. 50 pages).  Your 30-page report is highly accurate and easy-to-understand. The Discovery Report is based on the results of your online personality assessment that will take you only about 15-20 minutes to complete. It is packed full of helpful and practical information to help you to understand yourself and how to adapt to relate better to others. It is perfect for business or personal use. You will learn about your strengths, communication style, decision-making style and gain insights to improve your ability to relate with others.

This Discovery Report version includes the following:

  •     DISC Overview
  •     Summary description
  •     Words that describe you
  •     Strengths
  •     How to be your best
  •     Environment & Team Dynamics
  •     Personality Graphs
  •     Introduction to your style using DISC terms
  •     Communication style
  •     Priorities & Decision-making style
  •     Suggestions for working with you
  •     Communication and presentation tips
  •     Leadership Insights (4 pages)
  •     What to emphasize with each style
  •     Basic style behavior observations
  •     Insights for professional growth
  •     Insights for long-term development


How to get your report:
Click on the “Add to Bag” button on this page and proceed to checkout.
You will receive an email with instructions to download your code within 24 hours.  The email will contain your online assessment instructions and an access code that you will use.
The online assessment only takes 15-20 minutes and you will have immediate access to your Discovery Report upon completion of the assessment. Just to be clear … the entire process is online, so all you need is a computer or tablet or phone to take the assessment and view your Discovery Report. Enjoy reading about yourself! Take the time to read your Discovery Report and learn about your unique personality style. You will discover your strengths and how to be the best you can be!


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Adult DISC Personality Profile - 30 Pages - English