Aloe Cadabra

Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant - Peppermint



Aloe Cadabra Peppermint Lubricant is a lubricant with an exciting taste, just the thing for bedrooms where adults play out their carnal fantasies. Aloe Cadabra Peppermint Lubricant is not just a premium pure lubricant but also one that is certified organic with a special blend of ingredients to add that tingling sense of Peppermint.

Made from all natural food grade ingredients, this organic lubricant soothes, moisturizes and lubricates your sensual organs. Being organic, its also compatible with all sex toys too and a dash of Aloe Vera does help nourish and soothe moist regions of the body. Perfect for a woman’s body, it is pH balanced and can thus be reused or applied lavishly to lubricate and moisturize dry vaginal tissues.

As they say, wetter is better, when it comes to lovemaking, non-lubricated condoms are a best fit for Aloe Cadabra and while at it, add aromatherapy to the mix. A candle lit bedroom, silk sheets and Aloe Cadabra is all you and your lover need to make an invigorating sensual night go slower.

Aloe Cadabra Peppermint Lubricant 2.5 ounces bottle.

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Aloe Cadabra Organic Lubricant - Peppermint