Dry Brushing For Your Health

12th Mar 2019

Dry brushing offers many benefits to the skin. Recent research has shown that dry brushing can improve your overall health by increasing circulation and strengthening the immune system along with a host of other benefits. As we know, the skin i...
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Achieving Your Sex Goals in 2019! #SexGoddessTips

16th Jan 2019

The New Year represents different things for everyone. For some, it’s a new chapter, a clean slate, a fresh start, a way to get rid of old habits, and make improvements on one’s self. When we talk about the New Year however, the topic of sex is not s...
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10 Sexy Gifts For The Mamacita In Your Life!

6th May 2018

She loves you. She looks good...in just your t-shirt. She gave birth to your children OR takes care of you in ways your mother never would. She is your 'baby mama'. Your mamacita. Your mami. Your ma! And her sex appeal will forever make...
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Men's Sex Toys That Give More Than Just A Happy Ending

26th Apr 2018

When most people think of men's sex toys, they tend to think of the imitation or 'real look and feel' of the fake vaginas or the masturbation sleeves. There are men's sex toys that are actually improving men's health and enhancing their relationship...
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REVIEW: OL Try Me Box by The Aqua Kink

6th Jan 2018

Subscription boxes are one of those things people subscribe to as a way of adding organized mystery and spontaneity in their lives. Organized because you usually pay a monthly fee and know when it’s coming to your door and spontaneity because i...
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JNaja Cock Ring Review

6th Feb 2017

I've tried many different types of cock rings before and have never found one that I was interested in having on me for more than a few minutes. Being a bit on the larger side of things, I've had many times where I've struggled in pain trying to get...
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No Sex In The Champagne Room, Or The Pool, Or The Jacuzzi

2nd Jul 2016

As Chris Rock famously said…”No matter what a stripper says, there’s no sex in the champagne room.” Furthermore, you should not be having sex in the pool and especially the Jacuzzi. I know how tempting it can be when you are at a hotel take over or...
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