A common thread among those of us who market intimate body products and sex toys is the inability to advertise on social media. This does tend to hamper getting our information out to those clients who are very interested in the products that we offer. Social media influencers work with many brands, but most all tend to shy away from the sex toy industry. Our brand ambassadors are experienced sex educators, sex toy advocates and presenters who are comfortable giving their expert opinion in and around the sex toy and alternative lifestyle industries. Look at what the Organic Loven brand Ambassador’s Program for Brands offers.

Current Brand Ambassador Social Media Reach (and growing!) = 1,980,486+

Our brand ambassador’s reach covers both the ‘vanilla’ and the alternative lifestyle markets that consist of:

  • Swinging/lifestyle Educators
  • Kink/BDSM Educators & Master Fetish Trainers
  • Award winning Pornography stars
  • Award winning Webcam stars
  • Master Manifestor/Sex Goddess
  • Erotic Educator/Sex Goddess

What You Receive
Organic Loven is offering its own elite line of brand ambassadors to the brands that we currently represent/resell on our site and at events worldwide. This program will assist your brand with:

  • Increased Market visibility
  • Product reviews throughout the year (written, pictures and/or video)
  • Use of product(s) within their films and/or webcam shows, live social media posts or live shows *where available.
  • Review posted within 30 days of receiving.
  • Product recommendations to their clients (therapists, sexologists, educators, followers)
  • Increase in sales
  • Social Media Tags

What You Provide
To participate in this program we ask you to send one of your product(s) that you wish to have highlighted and reviewed to OrganicLoven who will then send it on to the appropriate brand ambassador(s) for review. Currently our brand ambassadors are a mix of sexually fluid women, sexually fluid single/dating men, a gay man, a hetero couple and a long married hetero couple.

Frequency requested:Your minimal requirement is to send 1 product or toy each quarter to at least 1 brand ambassador. It is not required that you send out a product to all the brand ambassadors that are able to use it. If you have a preference as to which brand ambassador, you would like to review the product we will do what we can to meet that request.

What The Brand Ambassadors Receive
In addition to receiving one of your amazing products to review, Organic Loven brand ambassadors also receive from Organic Loven:

  • 20% commissions on all trackable sales
  • Trackable links and promo codes for their clients/followers
  • 20% discount on select toys
  • Opportunities for event participations and collaborations with Organic Loven
  • Opportunities for sampling at their events.

 How To Get Started
It is very easy to become a part of our free program! Connect with us via our Contact Us page with the following information and we will set up a time to discuss your needs.

  •  Company/Brand name
  • Contact Name
  • Contact Email
  • Contact Phone Number
  • Minimum number of products/toys committed to submitting each year

Organic Loven looks forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thank you for this opportunity to assist you in the growth of your brand.