There are so many rumors and myths about clothing optional resorts. We are here to tell you not to believe them. Well, believe some of them…but not all of them. One thing we know for sure, perception is reality when it’s your own and…you’ve had a few too many drinks! A number of the questions/answers here apply to most open lifestyle, clothing optional resorts and cruises.

We’ve never been on a clothing optional vacation. What if I don’t want to be naked?

A clothing optional vacation is very much like any other vacation – with one major exception – you have the option to wear clothes by the pool or on the beach. The good thing is that you and others have the right to exercise that option, or not. You do, however need to wear clothing at the restaurants for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There are a growing number of people who are enjoying these types of vacations. Better still, there are a growing number of first class resorts that now offer the option to go topless or nude. It’s not at all unusual for the first timer to be a little nervous getting started, but once they get out of their clothes, any nervousness quickly disappears.

What are the ages of the people who go on your Grown and Sexy Crew Excursions?

The average age range is anywhere from late 20’s to mid to late 50’s. We always have a good mix of ages at our excursions.

Are the theme nights mandatory at the excursions?

The theme nights are not mandatory, but we highly encourage everyone (yes men, that means you) to participate in the theme nights. Most people enjoy putting their outfits together and it’s always a lot more fun and erotic when both parties come dressed in the theme of the night or day at the pool parties!

I’m nervous about getting naked. What’s it like?

Fun. Get naked. Get over it. Life’s too short. The second most difficult thing about being nude is taking your clothes off for the first time. The first most difficult thing is putting them back on. The one thing to keep in mind about clothing optional resorts is that nudity is not equated with sex! Just because you’re naked doesn’t mean it’s a free-for-all.

What is Nude etiquette?

Any clothing optional or nude facility may have their own rules, but generally the following guidelines should be followed: ” Always keep a towel handy and put it over any furniture you sit on. (Good hygiene) ” Don’t stare or “gawk” at other people who are nude. ” Refrain from any crude or lewd remarks about another person’s body or appearance. ” No photography. Save your picture taking for when nobody else is around and/or ask permission if anyone else is going to be included in your photographs or videos. ” Observe the “house rules”. If a facility designates that clothing must be worn in certain areas, or at certain times – please comply.

My man is concerned about getting aroused at the pool. Is this common?

“Wood at the pool!” Yup, woody happens, but it’s rare because most guests don’t inspire that reaction. Naked doesn’t necessarily equal sexy. Some are proud of “Mr. Happy” taking a peek and like to show it off. One inspired guest said, “I can’t help it.” So the women decorated his wood with body stickers and then ignored it.

Where is sex permitted on these excursions?

This is a great question. As good hosts we will always have playrooms that will be ready and waiting for your sexual needs. Of course you can always have sex with whomever and as many people as you’d like in your hotel room. However, its important to keep in mind that sex in the hotel/resorts public areas (pool & beach) are not allowed. We must respect the staff of the resort who are there to do their job. They are not there to be subjected to the view of people having sex openly.

Is photography allowed on these excursions?

We know guests want to bring home memories of their fabulous vacation, but in order to respect the privacy of all our guests; we ask that no photographs be taken in any of the clothing-optional areas. You never know who you might ‘capture’ in the background.

Are singles allowed on the trips?

Singles are allowed on some of our trips, specifically resorts such as Hedonism Resort and Temptations Resort & Spa. Most of our other trips to resorts such as Desire Resort & Spa, are for couples only. We always specify whether a trip allows singles so that there isn’t any confusion.

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