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"Moist Eyes" Leash


Light to the night what your eyes to my heart.
The splendor of starlight is what’s in your eyes.
I saw your eyes when stars bleed into my nightfall/when I was lost within the day.
Don’t your eyes have something to say to me?

Bright as a dream, your moist eyes were sparkling pearly brilliance.
A sea in the calm, your deep gaze settled on me and then vanished.
You will hear the love of voice as the sun and the sky light the way.
In spite of the ache, I will do it a thousand times again, for you.

Match it with the "Moist Eyes" Pearl Necklace Collar. Upgrade your entire time with the matching Moist handcuffs and ankle cuffs.

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Weight 0.50 LBS
Height 1.00
Width 25.20
Depth 1.00
"Moist Eyes" Leash
"Moist Eyes" Leash