Silky Tie-Ups

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Tie Me Up, Tie Me Down

Step into a world where elegance embraces desire, where secrets whispered in satin ribbons await your discovery. Introducing Silky Tie-Ups, a bewitching, opulent creation designed to elevate your most intimate moments.

These sumptuous satin ribbons yearn to trace the contours of your desires. Their touch is a caress, a promise of sensations yet unexplored. Imagine the thrill of binding wrists or ankles, a dance of restraint that ignites the flames of playful exploration. Draped over eyes, they transform into a bewitching blindfold, a conduit to a realm where every touch, every sound, is heightened.

A single, graceful loop ensures that you remain ensnared, a willing captive to the allure of sensation. Like a lover's touch, they skim your skin, leaving whispers of anticipation in their wake. Silky Tie-Ups possess an intimate connection with Liberator Black Label furniture, an invitation to weave your desires into a tapestry of unparalleled pleasure.

As you indulge in the seduction of surrender, let Silky Tie-Ups guide you through the symphony of passion. Each note played is an ode to the beauty of bondage, an homage to the art of exploration.

40" x 2.25"

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Weight 1.00 LBS
Height 9.50
Width 9.50
Depth 6.00
Sku 11100-400
Silky Tie-Ups
Silky Tie-Ups
Silky Tie-Ups
Silky Tie-Ups
Silky Tie-Ups