The Care And Feeding Of Your Yoni


Holistic sexual wellness looks at sex from a physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual perspective. It accepts the full range of sexual expression and enjoyment, without shame, shoulds, or judgment.

At any age, a woman can enhance and improve her sexual health/wellness leading to better and more satisfying sex and well-being.  Who is this course for? Women (vulva owners) seeking to improve their sexual health/wellness utilizing natural and/or organic ingredients.

  • Women in their 20's and above
  • Peri-menopausal women
  • Women currently in menopause
  • Post menopausal women

Within this course you will discover the most common ingredients within your intimate body products that could be causing irritation, burning, dryness or even recurrent yeast infections. Learn natural ways to improve and increase vaginal lubrication, vaginal strengthening and enhanced orgasms.

After completing this course you will:

  • Learn to discard the sexual health myths that the intimate body product marketing people want you to believe about your body!
  • Learn which product ingredients are causing potential harm and/or irritations.
  • Discover eco-friendly body products that can enhance your sexual health and wellness.
  • Explore common foods that can naturally increase your vaginal lubrication.
  • Discover what steps to take to connect the head, the heart and the womb space for an overall better sexual experience.
  • Learn natural ways to balance hormones and lessen the effects of menopause.
  • Receive a list of the 10 ingredients that are making your vagina dry.
  • Receive a list of natural ingredients/supplements to improve your lubrication

Ready?  Let us begin.

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The Care And Feeding Of Your Yoni