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Throuples Pleasure Box


Organic Loven Pleasure Box for Throuples

This is the first ever adult pleasure toy box for Throuples! Now Throuples can give a gift of pleasure for the three of them.  Whether they 'play' together or separately, this box has something for them individually and to share! With a value of more than $300.00 this box offers toys for vulva and/or penis owners! Offering full sizes of organic lubricants, massage oils, sex-positive books and an assortment of intimate body sundries!

Now one gift box indulges both of you lovers and taking your unique configuration in mind!  If you have two vulva owners with one penis owner or two penis owners with one vulva owner or three vulvas or three penises, you get to decide which delicious toys go in your gift box!

Availability Usually Ships Within 1-2 Business Days
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Weight 2.50 LBS
Height 9.00
Width 12.00
Depth 3.00
Throuples Pleasure Box
Throuples Pleasure Box
Throuples Pleasure Box
Throuples Pleasure Box