Union Snug Condoms 12pk


Made for a snugger fit or those that have less girth, Union Snug is a 49mm straight shaft condom for a nice tight fit.  Ultra thin and lightly lubricated, the 100% natural latex condoms are Vegan-friendly and do not contain harmful chemicals, no spermicides, and no fragrances. Triple-tested electronically for safety and performance, Union condoms are FDA approved. 

Dimensions: 7.09" (180mm) Long x 1.93" (49mm) Diameter  - Thickness: 0.060 - 0.065mm (Ultra-Thin)

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Weight 0.09 LBS
Height 8.00
Width 5.00
Depth 0.75
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Union Snug Condoms 12pk
Union Snug Condoms 12pk
Union Snug Condoms 12pk