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Men's Sex Toys That Give More Than Just A Happy Ending

When most people think of men's sex toys, they tend to think of the imitation or 'real look and feel' of the fake vaginas or the masturbation sleeves. There are men's sex toys that are actually improving men's health and enhancing their relationships.

The Worlds First Guybrator

The Pulse III Duo by Hot Octopuss is the worlds first vibrator designed for men. Although a sex toy meant to give you the happy ending you seek, the technology behind the design of it comes from medical research. The technology behind PULSE III is based on a medical vibrator called Ferticare by Multicept, which applies a technique called Penile Vibratory Stimulation (PVS) in order to induce ejaculation, and often a reflex erection, in men suffering from Spinal Cord Injury (SCI). This was originally used as as part of IVF treatments for men who have had erectile dysfunction after prostate surgery. 

Many sex toys are not sufficient enough for men with erection issues as most require the penis to be erect before use. The Pulse III has flexible flaps that allows the penis to be inserted flaccid or if required, a partner or someone could assist them in putting their penis within it.  The oscillating plate stimulates the frenulum that allows the penis to get erect and can then bring him to an orgasms.  Additionally, the Pulse III Duo has been designed specifically for foreplay.  So men with erection challenges and their partners can receive simultaneous genital stimulation and intimacy despite the man not having an erection. 

A Smaller, Lighter Guybrator With New Features

The Pocket Pulse and Pocket Pluse with Remote offers the same stimulating sex toy but it is smaller, lighter and is waterproof.  The Pocket Pulse has a vibrating plate that uses existing vibrator technology to enhance a mans 'stroking'.  Used with lubricant it will bring your masturbation sessions to new heights.  Because of its smaller size with a flexible expanding arm, it too can be used flaccid.  This makes it even better for men with dexterity or mobility issues of the hands due to such ailments as Parkinson's disease, motor neurone disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis or cerebral palsy to name a few.  As with the Pulse III, this too can be used as a couples toy to enhance the intimacy with your and your partner. 

The Enringed Gentlemen

Most men don't know why some men use cock rings.  They have seen them on men in the movies or if they may have attended a nude beach and saw a guy wearing one but not actually researched its main purpose.  Cock rings, when fitted properly, can assist a man with maintaining an erection.  This happens because the cock ring, worn at the base of the penis, slows down the blood flow that has traveled towards the head of the penis keeping it erect.  Some men who have had prostate surgery or are on other medications for ailments such as high blood pressure, may be able to get an erection, but unable to maintain it.  The Jnaja cock ring by Vel-vor is different than most other cock rings on the market because it is ergonomic and has an extended piece that stimulates the mans perineum.  It is also affectionately known in the South as the 'taint, because it 'taint the balls and it 'taint the ass, it's that space in between. It also 'enrings' both the penis and the balls.  With the perineum being stimulated every time a man strokes it intensifies his orgasm.  While the Jnaja is available in sizes, the Jboa is a flexible, adjustable lasso cock ring made of silicone and only enrings the penis.  It has the same purpose, to slow down the blood flow of the penis and assisting in maintaining a longer, harder erection...and who doesn't want that?

Improving your sexual health in a natural way is the best for long term satisfaction.  Unlike taking pills that you have to pay for over and over again, or have to deal with the possibilities of adverse reactions, these 'sex toys' can do you one better by not only ensuring you a healthier sex life but a satisfying one as well.

Take a look at the Facebook video live on this same topic.  Please note this is NOT SAFE FOR WORK viewing.