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No Sex In The Champagne Room, Or The Pool, Or The Jacuzzi

As Chris Rock famously said…”No matter what a stripper says, there’s no sex in the champagne room.” Furthermore, you should not be having sex in the pool and especially the Jacuzzi. I know how tempting it can be when you are at a hotel take over or one of the clothing optional resorts.

We’ve all seen it on TV and in porn. A sexy couple is having amazing sex in the pool or Jacuzzi. It’s so hot to watch and looks like such fun. I see it at resorts all the time. What you don’t see is the after effects, which usually lead to yeast infections or some other vaginitis. Every time your guy takes a stroke, he pushes some of that water up into your vagina. It’s just water you think to yourself…it’s OK. But the thing is this, the water is OK, but everything mixed in that water is horrific for your vaginal health. What is in there? Here is a list of possibilities:

  • •Chemicals to sterilize the pool/Jacuzzi.
  • •Chemicals from the suntan lotion everyone is wearing.
  • •A little saliva from the girl giving the blow job or guy eating pussy.
  • •A little urine from the drunken people too lazy to get out or waited too late.
  • •A little feces from the person who didn’t wipe well enough and got in.
  • •A little alcohol from the drunk who spilled their drink.
  • •Lubricant from the condom he’s wearing, if one…and those things hate the heat! #epicfail

Now if you are at home in your own personal pool and Jacuzzi, you’ve eliminated most things on the list except the chemicals and or soap. Saltwater pool you say? Oh, yes there’s nothing more drying than salt in the pussy.
So what are you to do when you are in the pool/Jacuzzi and you are all hot and excited and don’t want to lose the momentum of the moment by going all the way to the room? 

Get up on the edge or in one of the chairs with some towels or lay on one of the floaties. This way you still are in the environment, you don't loose the passion…and we all get to watch!  Have fun and play safe!

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